Music Express | Why should I move pianos and musical instruments with Music Express Pte Ltd?
Things to expect when moving a piano in Singapore.
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Are all your prices fixed?
  • Our prices are fixed. Prices differ depending on the requirements of the move (e.g.: is there stair-carrying involved, size of the piano, piano type)
  • You can be assured of our expertise and care taken with every move. We are committed to provide sufficient manpower for each move, and our piano moving specialists are rigorously trained with experience.
  • It is mandatory for all our moves to be covered with specialised insurance
Why is there no specific time for delivery? I can only select a morning/afternoon option.
  • Every move is important to us, and safety is of utmost priority
  • Be assured that we try our best to deliver at your preferred timing
  • We are unable to fully compromise on time requirements, primarily because each move is different and come with different constraints and challenges
  • Other factors that affect delivery safety and time include traffic and bad weather conditions
Is there adequate protection for my piano during its move?
  • All pianos are covered, protected and securely fastened to the vehicle during the move
  • Our vehicles are fully covered and protected from rain or shine
  • We move pianos every day, and our teams are equipped with niche experience and tools
  • Your piano will be covered with relevant insurance
Are you sure you can move my piano anywhere needed?
  • We go the extra mile, not just to move it anywhere you need, but to ensure safety (e.g.: safety of your piano, your property, our moving specialists)
  • Some common challenges during moves include moving pianos up different staircases, maneuvering sharp corners, ensuring elevators can accommodate piano size
  • In the rare case that our supervisors deem a piano move too potentially risky/unsafe, alternative suggestions will be provided (e.g: hoisting via a crane, alternative placement of piano)
Do you have experience in all types of pianos?
  • We are confident that we have moved almost every brand and model of piano, here in Singapore. From digital pianos to concert size grand pianos, brand new pianos to antique pianos, standard size pianos to custom built pianos
Can you move my furniture and other household items at the same time as my piano?
  • We solely transport pianos and music instruments. Our vehicles and equipment are specifically designed for piano moving, and our moving specialists are solely trained in moving pianos
  • We do not wish to compromise safety of our moving specialists or any other
    musical instruments in the vehicle
Why should we choose Music Express and trust you with our piano/musical instruments?

There are so many other movers out there.

  • Since the formation of Music Express in 1998, we have been specialising in
    moving pianos and other musical instruments.
    Moreover, our founding partners have more than 40 years of experience in
    handling musical instruments, especially pianos. We are not just a logistics provider that also move musical instruments, but we are a logistics provider who exclusively moves musical instruments.
  • This is our pride and promise.
Enquire with Music Express today.