Music Express | Moving services provided by your trusted piano mover in Singapore.
What are the moving services provided by Music Express Pte Ltd?
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Local Move

upright piano move

Transport and shift of pianos

  • Upright pianos, grand pianos, electric pianos
  • Our experienced piano transport specialists can negotiate challenging moves, including stair-carrying

Transport and shift of musical instruments

  • Guitar, harp, double bass, drum set, timpani, etc.
  • Provide hoisting services with the use of cranes in the most impossible scenarios


Large scale and timely transportation of musical instruments for events setup

Music Express is the trusted musical instrument logistics partner for major events and concerts

Our partners include international/local organisations and orchestras

upright piano move

Music Instrument Disposal

  • Provide disposal services for any music instruments considered “bulky items” by the National Environment Agency (NEA)
  • Such “bulky items” must be properly disposed as illegal dumping carries heavy penalties

Piano Tuning

  • Our trusted piano tuning partners provide specialised piano tuning services
  • Each piano is different, and our partners are experienced in servicing many different models and brands

Repair and Refurbishment

  • Our trusted partners provide specialised repairs and refurbishment services for musical instruments
  •  We have partners specialising in every specific type of instrument, such as drums, guitars, and pianos
  • Our partners possess expertise to do simple part replacements as well as refurbishment of entire musical instruments

Storage and Overseas Relocation

  • Provide handling and crating of any musical instruments for international freight or storage
  • Provide fabrication of crates (includes necessary procedures such as fumigation and certification)

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